Woo Nights is the only event created by Woo dating app where-in more than 500+ singles sign up on our social pages and get together at the venue to make it a night to remember!

The night comes a live across  India’s best party destinations across to a mind blowing artist line up that screams Party!


best DJs in town


Voted ‘India’s best Hip-Hop DJ’ at the inaugural Vh1 MyFav Awards, DJ Sa has taken the genre to a whole new level in India.

Rohan Kapoor

EDM in India and Rohan Kapoor are almost synonymous. This Bangalore boy has played alongside the biggest names in the music

Rohit Barker

A Radio Jockey with Indigo 91.9FM, A DJ on the weekends playing across the country.

Progressive Brothers

The Progressive Brothers is an Electronic/Dance Duo act consisting of Sunny Sharma and Karan Bhalla.

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